You Should Consider this Sport for your Kids

There’s a sport out there that you should consider for your kids if you are looking for them to gain a sense of accomplishment, grow self-confidence, be physically  fit and have something to do that keeps them off all of those  tempting devices.  The sport is Baton Twirling.

This little known sport has been slowly growing in popularity with a dedicated group of families that talk about how baton twirling has positively changed the lives of their children.

Baton Twirling  can be done both in a group class but also can be done individually.  This allows kids the chance to practice at home, keeping them off devices as they work on their new skills.

Each week your child will learn new tricks and gain a growing sense of accomplishment which helps in building confidence and self-esteem. Kids with confidence tend to be leaders in the classroom and in sports.

Check out a complimentary baton twirling class at Dance-Twirl Minnesota to see if this sport can unlock your child’s potential.  Contact our studio at or  651-705-6631.



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