5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Active

We’re in the final weeks of Summer and how can you prevent yourself from saying, “Please get off of the (insert device name here – ipod, iphone, ipad, xbox, wii)…” Here’s 5 ideas for these final days of summer.

  1.  Take a nature walk. Your kids may complain at first but if you can handle their complaints over whatever you cooked for dinner then you can handle a few minutes of complaining as you drive to the park.  If you haven’t tried Whitetail Regional Park in Rosemount – it’s worth the trip. The kids can play in the water feature, build with the abundance of sticks, walk on the trail.  It’s a great spot!
  2. Take them with you to the gym or yoga.  There’s a new type of exercise class called “Pound” and it’s getting rave reviews.  Your kids will be busy, active and the bonus is that you get your work-out in without the guilt of  leaving the kids  at home  alone.
  3. Volunteer! There’s no better way to get your kiddos to think about someone else besides themself than to volunteer.  Check out Feed My Starving Children in Eagan.  It’s kid friendly and loads of fun!
  4. Fall sports are beginning to start so get  involved in Dance, Football, Baton Twirling and Basketball. Your kids will benefit a ton from group sports and you’ll get the 30 minutes you need to get that pedicure that you’ve been trying to schedule for the 109 days of summer vacation.
  5. Individual sports are  another great option for kids.  Check out Baton Twirling, Swimming, Martial Arts -all can have the benefit of being done individually and with a team.

Here’s to keeping those kids busy for these final days and cheers to all of you moms for keeping it all together for the last 2.5 months!


Check out Dance-Twirl Minnesota to see our full schedule of activities for kids!

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