Choosing the Perfect Dance Studio for Your Child

Your darling child is finally old enough to be interested in  getting involved in activities and you are thrilled to hear that he or she is interested in dance.  You weren’t a dancer so where do you begin? What should you know? You’ve  heard horror stories – how can you avoid the drama? Here’s 4 Tips for ensuring that you find a great fit for your child!

  1. Talk to the staff at the studio about their philosophy when it comes to dance.  Are they a recreational or competitive studio or both? What’s important to you? Do you want your child to start in recreational classes and then progress if they choose to? What’s their philosophy regarding competition? Is it extremely competitive? Is it friendly?
  2. What’s the studio’s mission and values?  Do those values align with yours? If not, can you make your “peace” with what doesn’t align with yours? If you can’t, seek out another studio. All studios have their own personality and the right fit is out there.
  3. Talk to the Owner, Studio Manager and  Studio Staff.  Teams that are  treated well and appreciated by the studio owner are more likely to bring that friendly attitude and caring to the classroom.
  4. Visit the studio and get a “feel” for the atmosphere. Is the Front Desk staff  welcoming and willing to help you? Are the resources that you need available to you?

It may take a few minutes of phone conversations or tours to find the perfect studio but the time invested will be well worth it.  You’ll feel great and you’ll be able to see your child begin to soar as they learn to dance!

Dance-Twirl Minnesota has classes begining in September for ages 2 – Teen.

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