Dancers are Great Readers!

Company Book Club


This year when I started Company I had all of these idels about what company would mean to the girls that were involved with it.  When I talked with each company I asked them, what does company mean to you?  Their answers were wonderful! They described, learning new things, becoming friends, dancing to cool music, and becoming better dancers.  When I asked them about what new things they wanted to learn it was a spectrum of different styles of dance (of course) to why we dance and who we are as individuals and a group.  After this conversation I realized that these girls were not just here to win at dance competitions but wanted to really become well rounded artists as well.


Since talking with the girls and knowing that a Mini’s mom, Dongi, sells Usborne books, I thought a great way to finish the year would be do to a book club.  In our company classes we go through so many conversations of what it means to be a good listener, person, friend….and what happens when we get frustrated with each other and ourselves.  By working with Dongi, I was able to pick books that suited each company’s personality and needs. The Company Book Club is on a volunteer basis but we will be sharing what we learned and propelling discussion in our company classes after the recital.  I thought this would be a great way to finish out the year and give an opportunity to read and talk about something other than dance.  It so far has been really fun and the girls are super excited!
I can’t wait to see what we discuss and learn from each other!

Miss Jennie

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