Hold Them Close Your Tiny Dancers… 5 Reasons Why Dance is Great For Kids

Why is dance so great for kids?  Here’s 5 reasons to love your local dance studio. They

1. Aspiring dancers love to spin, twirl and leap through the air.  Movement classes helps kids to stay active and healthy.  Active and healthy kids do better  in school, are kind and polite, focused and resilient. All skills that make great adults too!

2. Dancers meet new friends that are sweet, kind and love to dance too! Surround your kids with other kids and families that value the same things that you do – working  hard, working towards a goal, enjoying all of the blessings of life!

3. Kids that dance foster a love and appreciation for the performing arts. The performing arts add interest and life to our communities that children that appreciate the performing arts will be the generation that  ensures that the arts will be here to stay.

4. Creativity becomes a skill that dancers excel at throughout their lives. Many scientists believe that our structured days can limit our creativity, encourage and foster that creativity in dance classes. Kids will be asked to improv, create routines to different types of music and expand the scope of their current knowledge.  All great skills to develop as children grow and head into the higher  education.

5. Learning new skills and performing provides kids with a sense of accomplishment and grows their confidence and self-esteem.  Confidence and self-esteem are key components of happy, successful and resilient adults.  Dance can be the activity that gives them the tools to develop these important skills.

If you haven’t already, check out your local dance studio to see how they can be a part of your child’s success.  Dance-Twirl Minnesota has classes starting September 11th.

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