Prepping for Nationals… Tips for a great week!

Nationals is just around the corner and here’s our tips for having a great  week!

  1. Nationals is also known as AYOP or American’s Youth On Parade.  When you hear this acronym know that we are talking about Nationals – the best week of the year!
  2. The door theme this year is Under the Sea. Decorate your door to show your team pride, share with fellow twirlers who you are and what you love and make your “home away from home” more fun.  Winners are announced at the team party and get a cool prize!
  3. Be sure to buy a good luck gift for your team sister.  We’ll do a gift exchange on Monday during our team practice.
  4. Bring an extra bag or suitcase to take the items for that day’s competition to the Joyce Domes.
  5. Twirlers should treat their bodies like any other athlete and make sure to get plenty of rest, drink lots of water and eat healthy snacks.
  6. As much as kids love to swim at a hotel pool, it is strongly discouraged.  They work all year for this moment and get one chance to show off to their judge all of the accomplishments and we’ve seen too many opportunities gone because kids are exhausted from swimming.  Swimming wears kids out and when you combine that fatigue with the other fatigue that happens during Nationals, competitors are not able to do their best during competition.  Come a day early or stay a day later to let them swim and have fun!
  7. Kids of all ages realize the magnitude of the week and any major competition comes with highs and lows.  The highs and lows can come with a few tears and that’s totally normal. Encourage your kids to let that emotion out so that they can move on and have a great week.
  8. Encourage kids to find a way to decompress – stretching, yoga, finding a quiet spot, listening to their own music  – Nationals is busy, loud, bright and finding a way to “escape” is great for them mentally.
  9. Bring or buy healthy snacks – the pretzels at the domes are delicious but probably not the best choice for a week of competition!
  10. Wear comfy shoes and layer your clothes.  The days can be long and the temperature can vary between the arena, field house and gyms.
  11. Take a tour prior to the competition beginning if you are new to Nationals.  This will help you see the most efficient paths before the hallways become busy with other people.
  12. Remember that this week is for the kids and is a celebration of all of their accomplishments! Enjoy every moment!

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