Baby Ballerinas


Ages 3-4

Sparkling eyes, smiling and jumping up and down with excitement is what you will see in your Baby Ballerina at the end of a magical class of spinning, twirling and dancing with friends. Baby Ballerinas will exclaim with excitement after each class about their learning as their love for dance grows.

Your Baby Ballerina will astonish you with their soaring confidence and independence as every class is an opportunity for learning and growing. Baby Ballerinas “steal” the show in our recitals with their sweet smiles, waves to mom and dad and performing their beautiful dances to music they love. Many parents have tears of joy in seeing their Baby Ballerina take the big stage with the bright lights, music and exquisite costumes.

Baby Ballerinas delight in learning princess tip toes, princess turns, curtsies and so much more. Our teachers provide each Baby Ballerina a loving and structured environment to learn the fundamentals of ballet technique that encourages, excites and inspires every week. Baby Ballerina classes grow dancers that move onto our Dancing Dolls classes.

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