Dazzling Dolls


Ages 4-6

Squeals of delight, smiles and a sparkle in their eye is what you’ll be treated to as an inspiring class with their best friends comes to a close. Dazzling Dolls will be so excited to perform for you as they continue their learning in one of three Dazzling Dolls classes.


Your Dazzling Doll will amaze you with their growing love and passion for the performing arts. Your doll will continue to astonish you with presence, focus and thoughtfulness both in class and under the spotlights of our recital stage. Our dolls are guided in their learning by loving and enthusiastic instructors that focus on our core values of confidence, creativity and kindness.


Dazzling Dolls expand their learning in one of three subject areas – Ballet, Tap/Jazz or Baton Twirling. Dazzling Dolls can choose one or multiple classes for a complete performance education.


All of our Dazzling Dolls are provided with a custom gift basket that your child will adore. Your custom gift basket is included with your monthly tuition of $55.
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