Kids to Nationals (aka KTN)- what’s this all about?

We’ve been running Kids to Nationals Day Camps for almost 2 years now and this has been a huge success for our students! Depending on the time of the year, we may work on adding to routines (usually in the early part of the school year) or really focus on cleaning and improving their routines (usually as we head into competition season).

The kids have loved these days where they are working hard with their twirling friends! Typically, our day starts with setting goals for the day and based on what I am seeing in their classes and private lessons, I can help them construct goals that are beneficial and challenging.  Once our goals are set then we’ll do a light warm up and get to work.  I’ll spend individual time with each student helping them to work towards their goal.

The other great thing that we do in KTNs is work towards a group goal such as 20 “all catch” routines and then the kids earn a reward like Rita’s or Starbucks!

We have a super fun day together and we get a lot accomplished.  Our KTN schedule is below and can be found on the Specialty Classes Calendar.  Let us know if you have questions on our KTN program!

March 10th

June 3rd

June 15th

June 29th

July 10th

July 18th

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