4 Steps For Managing Emotions

Children can experience many emotions when competing in any sport.  Parents can often feel the brunt of  those emotions along with feeling lost  in how to help your child manage their emotions during the competitions. Dance-Twirl Minnesota staff use a 4 step process to help children manage both the “highs and lows” of competition.

Step 1- STOP (When you are in a safe space off stage or outside of the gymnasium)
Step 2 – Identify – What emotion(s) am I feeling?
Step 3 – Question – Why am I feeling this emotion? What  other factors are influencing my emotions? Lack of sleep? Muscle fatigue?
Step 4 – Express – Tell your teacher or parent what you need.a (ie. water,  a hug, to cry, to go for a walk, to eat a snack etc..)
This process should take no longer than 5 minutes and can help competitors to process their emotions and move forward. After all, the show must go on!
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