Baby Ballerinas… Part 2

In our last post we talked about 2 different approaches for helping your dancer to gain independence in entering the classroom.  This week, let’s talk about what to do if your child isn’t participating in their class.  Most children will happily participate in their dance class within a few weeks of the class starting so if your child is not participating, here’s a few tips that might help them!

First, it’s important to remember  that kid’s have different personalities and approaches just as adults do… We  all know the adults that jump right into the new activities with not a care in the world. Then there are others that sit back and watch to see what’s going to happen as they analyze and think about the situation. Kids do the same thing!

Your child may be in a class where  all of the ballerinas  happily skip into class and you are left  wondering why your child sits  on the edge of the classroom not wanting to participate?

Experienced instructors will follow the same schedule week after week during their class which can be comforting and reassuring to children.  Your child will gain confidence as they learn the schedule and know exactly what to expect. This is especially important for the child that is  watching from the “sidelines”  – they may not be participating but they certainly are observing and learning.

If after four or five weeks of class, your child still isn’t participating then be sure to talk with their instructor.  They may have some great ideas for helping your child to engage in the class even more.  Parents should be reassured that many students have taken “a while” to join in their classes and even though they are observing, they are learning the entire time.

If your child is interested in dance classes, contact Dance-Twirl Minnesota at to learn more.


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