Balancing Act: Dance And School

Balancing Act: Dance and School

The first weeks back at school and dance can be equally exciting and stressful. Lots of things are changing and that can be a lot on anyone in that first month. Here are a few things we will be doing at dance to help the kids re-acclimate to their new schedule!

We aren’t going to overwhelm the kids by giving them tons of choreography right away or a really intense class that pushes them past their limits. Instead what you might see is us taking a few extra breaks, doing some non-dance activities, a little extra free time and some other things as well.

This gives the kids a little bit of a break with being controlled all day and night and puts a little bit of control in their hands to help them feel that not everything is different!

Everyone struggles with finding the balance between work and play. It can be hard at first to get all of the homework done as well as all of the commitments that are required of kids after school for new sports, dance, and anything else going on. However, at DTMN we hope that dance can be viewed as a stress relief instead of a stressor. Dance and baton can be very therapeutic to let out any and all emotions that come with life changes. Hopefully all of our students can use it as an outlet for the back to school stress!

We are so excited to get the kids back into the studio, but we understand that it can be a little bit a lot! We will be sure to ease the kids into the new routine with lots of fun, hard work and understanding!

Welcome back!

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