Early Childhood Center and Preschool Programs

Dance-Twirl Minnesota is excited to share that our energetic staff will be taking their enthusiasm and love of dance and baton to preschools and early childhood centers across the Metro area. Dance-Twirl Minnesota has offered summer classes and camps at several local centers and preschools so the transition to school year classes helps busy parents and center and preschool directors to keep the day active and engaging for their students. Director, Jacinda Miller, said, “This was a natural transition for us because so many of our teachers have Early Childhood degrees and experience working in the Early Childhood field and we’ve  been doing great work in local centers throughout the summers. We’ve also found that classes held while children are at their center  or preschool help busy parents to free up night for older children’s activities or family time in the evening.”

If you are a preschool or early childhood center director and are interested in our free initial class, complete the form below and we will contact you right away.


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