For the new Baby Ballerina Dance Mom & Dad… Part 1

The start of new Fall classes bring in new dancers in our Baby Ballerinas classes.  Baby Ballerinas is the perfect way for young dancers to learn dance, make new friends and learn important classroom skills.  For some young dancers, this may be the first time away from mom or dad and first time in a more formal  learning environment.

The first class can be challenging for the student and even more of a challenge for the parent… Parents are left wondering do I just leave my child? What  if they are screaming? What will the other parents think? What if my child screams the entire time? What if they don’t participate at all? Am  I wasting my money?

We thought that we’d share our best tips for the adjustment to dance class.  Small children can become overwhelmed easily in new situations – there’s new colors, people, smells and things to do so if your child cries it’s perfectly normal. You haven’t done anything wrong!

Our goal in Baby Ballerinas is for your child to gain independence and be able to enter the classroom on their own, take their class independently and happily leave to give you a big hug at the end of the class.  This process can  take a couple of weeks up to a few months.

As the parent, decide on your approach if your child cries. Do you want to have our teachers take them? We’ll happily hold and work to get your child involved in class as they are ready.  If this is your approach, we recommend that you avoid “peeking” in to see how it’s going. As hard as it is not to “peek,” if your child sees you then they will likely become upset again and we have to repeat the process.

If your child is upset and you want to come into the classroom, we encourage you to join them in taking the class.  You can sit with them during circle time, try the moves by holding their hand and standing side by side and join them as we dance around the room.  This assures your child that everything that they are trying and doing is great – “If mom or dad can do it so can I!”

If this is the approach that you take then be sure to work with your teacher and your child to set a limit to your participation.  You can explain to your child that mommy or daddy will be in here 2 more times and then you will be a big ballerina! Remind them of your limit each week before class and reassure them that their teacher will be there to help them dance.

Independence is a huge accomplishment for our Baby Ballerinas and we will do everything that we can to make it a smooth journey for your little one.

If you are interested in dance classes for your dancer ages 2-4, contact us at or 651-705-6631.

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