Four Tips to Make the Most of Your Private Lesson

Private lessons are investment in time and money for your twirler, dancer and for your family. Here’s our 4 tips for getting the most out of your lessons.

First, know what your teacher taught you in your previous lesson.  One of the biggest time “suckers” in a private lesson is reviewing what was  covered in the previous lesson. While, we are happy to help your child in any way possible, if we only have 30 minutes together and 10 minutes is spent watching videos from the previous lesson and trying  to “revive” that content then we only have 20 minutes to add to the routine.

Second, we totally understand that tricks may not be mastered or something may  not be  working just right yet so help your child prepare by making a list of questions that they have about the routine, tricks or anything in general.  This helps keep the conversation focused and moving forward to be time  efficient as  possible.

Third, work with your instructor to set goals and work out a plan of how many lessons is needed to finish a routine.  In our experience, it takes approximately 5 lessons to finish a solo or an x-strut. If you have 2 lessons scheduled and a competition  in a month, it’s going to be challenging to finish your routine by that competition.

Fourth, consistency is key! Doing one  lesson a month to learn or maintain a routine is better than doing 6 lessons prior to a competition.  It’s the mentality of cramming for an exam versus studying a little  bit every week to prepare.

We hope these tips help your twirler in reaching his or her goals this year!


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