Modeling… The Number 1 Thing that Will Benefit Your Child

The modeling event in baton twirling is sometimes met with resistance from parents and coaches because it is not always readily apparent the benefits to this one minute event. However, if you want your child to be able to confidently answer questions from someone that they don’t know while maintaining eye contact, projecting their voice and thinking fast “on their feet” – they actually are sitting during this portion of the event then this is one event that may give your child tools that will continue to benefit them for their entire life.

Students in modeling become confident at walking, turning and looking at the small details of their appearance as well as being able to answer questions from the judge in a formal setting. Modeling contestants are expected to speak loudly enough that the judge can hear them and have good eye contact and create an answer that not only answers the question but explains “why” behind their answer.  Contestants are also expected to do this all while using proper grammar, no slang words and with about a millisecond to create their answer.  Here’s a few of the questions that our students have answered during their interviews:

  1. How would you explain yellow to a blind person?
  2. What quality is most important to you in a friend?
  3. What are the challenges facing your age group?

Have someone ask you any of these questions and think about how quickly you could come up with an answer that shows your personality, explains the rationale behind your answer and succinctly communicates exactly what you would like the judge to know about you and your thoughts. Being excellent at interviewing is a learned skill and students that learn how to do this will set themselves apart from other college or job candidates in their future.  If you haven’t done modeling yet then consider this important event and if your child is doing interviewing congratulations, you are truly giving them an advantage over other candidates as they become adults.

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