Onwards and Upwards for the Dance Program

With all of our exciting changes to our dance program we are exciting to introduce our new Dance Company.  What is a dance company you may ask? Well, a dance company has many advantages versus a competition team.  A youth dance company allows the dancers to continue their technique training and progress through the levels of the dance company as they would in either the dance or baton program.  Instead of just learning moves for the dances they would be competing, the dancers will have an elite training in all of the core techniques which will enhance their capabilities on the stage and at dance competitions.  With these changes the students will find a new rigor in their dance training which will encourage their love of dance while enhancing their already growing abilities!


While there are these changes occurring some things will stay the same.  Taking competition ballet will still be a requirement as well as attending their specified company class.  Each dancer will also need to audition, which is a great way for them to show off their skills and be placed accordingly in the proper company level.  It is so amazing that DTMN has such great talent that we can progress from a competition team to a youth dance company!  

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