Overcoming the New Routine Woes

Students have been back  in classes for a few weeks and most  are probably working on new routines that include new challenging moves.  While  you and your teacher see the “big picture” that your child is working for the Spring competitions, Recital or Nationals next summer, it’s sometimes hard for kids (even teens) to see the process that it takes to master new moves and new routines.

Here are our 3 recommendations for helping kids to achieve their goals  as far as new, difficult routines.

  1. Learn the material early in the season prior to the competition.  This gives your child the time process, practice and revise (if necessary).
  2. When working to clean and perfect a routine, work on segments versus an entire routine.  Mastering an entire  routine can  feel overwhelming and defeating so working a section, combination or segment can be  a strategy that helps your child to feel successful and gain confidence in a portion of  their routine.
  3. Celebrate their  success – even if it’s a small success! Kids love working towards a reward or treat. Create a small goal such as catch your high spin 5 times and we’ll get ice cream after practice.

Here’s to a fantastic year of performing! Set high goals  and reach for the stars!

Dance-Twirl Minnesota offers recreational and competition dance and baton  twirling classes for ages 2- Teen.  Visit us at  dance-twirlmn.com to learn more!


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