Read the 4 Reasons that this Little Sport Makes a Big Difference…

You’ve probably heard about baton twirlers or  majorettes and you may have even seen a few twirlers in a parade or at a community event but did you know that  this sport has many benefits that make it unique? Check out these 4 skills that you won’t learn in  other  sports.

  1.  Through their  training, twirlers  become fantastic at being interviewed.  The ability to be able  to be interviewed and speak confidently, clearly and with thoughtful answers is a skill that twirlers hone over many years.  This skill helps them to be excellent at job interviews which can help them “land” that big job in their future.
  2. Twirlers learn hand-eye coordination  that would make other super star athletes jealous! Twirlers can place a baton within millimeters of their head, catch the baton with their left hand while doing the splits.   The precision, timing and athleticism that is learned  will serve twirlers well  for the remainder  of their lives.
  3. Twirlers receive opportunities to perform in a unique venues.  Twirlers from our studio have performed at the Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx, the Outback Bowl and soon on a cruise! Personally, I twirled at both Disneyland and Disneyworld, on a cruise and in several professional football stadiums.
  4. Twirlers have amazing opportunities to become involved in their high school and colleges as part of their college twirling line or as a feature twirler.  Ask any twirler and the most  amazing experience of their career is taking the field to perform  for  50,000 screaming fans in support of the school that all of you  love! Collegiate twirling is possible for many, many twirlers with hard work, determination and dedication.

Next time, you are thinking about an activity for your kids, think about baton twirling. It may open doors that you never  thought possible!

Dance-Twirl Minnesota has recreational and competition baton twirling classes starting in September.

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  1. shannon | August 14, 2018 at 6:28 am

    I saw that Hastings, mn is listed. Do you offer clases here and is there an open house?


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