Sharp Minds, Sharp Dancers

Sharp Minds, Sharp Dancers

Many times students ask me, what do I need in order to be a professional dancer? I then in return often answer with the same question back. The answers I get are usually consistent with moves that are stressed in the classroom, splits, fouette turns, big leaps etc. When they ask me if that is right, my response is always no. So what is it that gets you into a company?

Well it’s a combination of things just like anything else. Talent and ability are obviously taken into account, but the main thing that is the difference between making it and getting cut? How smart you are. Not necessarily book smart…but can you be an informed artist. Can you learn the choreography quickly while interpreting what the teacher wants. Can you adjust to your surroundings quickly to be able to perform your best. Can you answer you own questions just by paying attention to the information provided and if there isn’t a time for questions, can you create an informed artistic choice. These are all things that are required of a smart dancer.

One way that I learned to be smart was by practice by also by reading a lot when I was kid and imagining all these different creative places and situations and trying to bring those stories to life in the studio. We all know that reading is a great thing, but did you ever think that being an excited reader could make you better in the studio? Well I’m here to tell you the answer is yes!

We are very lucky that we have a mom at the studio that can provide fun and interesting books to all of our students. Dongi Huss is a seller of Usborne books which is are awesome books that kids of all ages love! If you are looking for something new to stimulate your childs mind please reach out to Dongi with her information below.

We will be incorporating several Usborne books into our classrooms throughout the year. The selected books will focus on the values that we cherish at our studio – Confidence, Accomplishment, Friendship, Trust and Creativity.

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