Snow Day Activities for Kids

Maybe you are feeling like this is our 1000th snow day this year?

Our house is  definitely feeling like we have been home a lot!  With the polar vortex hopefully behind us, send your kids outside for fresh air and lots of fun.  Here’s 3 ideas to get your kids off of the couch, away from their video games and having a good time with friends!

  1. Take any type of spray bottle, squirt bottle or even a water bottle, add water  and a few drops of food coloring. Mix up your water and food coloring and  have your kids spray color on their fort, lodge or whatever they create with the snow.
  2. Make Snow Ice Cream! Have your kids collect clean snow and make this easy 3 ingredient recipe!
  3. Make a flat snow man.  For snow that’s too light and fluffy to be rolled into a ball, have your kids make the snowman flat on the ground (think along the lines of burying someone in the sand on the beach). Use sticks, leaves and other outdoor materials to create the hair, nose, arms! For the adventurous kids, try making something  besides a snow man like a car, boat or animal!

Have fun and hopefully we turn the corner to Spring very soon! 

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