The Four Amazing Benefits of Ballet

Ballet is a beautiful style of dance and the building blocks of many other styles of dance.  Dance director, Jennie Becker, wants all Dance-Twirl Minnesota students to have a strong foundation in ballet so that they can have success in all other aspects of their dance training.

One of the first benefits of ballet is the core control and strength that even the youngest ballerinas gain from ballet class. Qualified instructors will encourage students to learn correct technique that will develop over months and years.

Ballet also offers students the chance to learn how to receive feedback.  Even the best ballerinas in the world will take beginner ballet classes to be reminded of fundamentals and correct technique.  Learning how to receive feedback is an important (and rare) skill in the world today! Being coachable as a dancer means being coachable as a future employee!

Ballet provides students with opportunity to not only learn to receive feedback but also to apply corrections.  Strong ballet technique, strength and control are not learned in a day or month but rather as a progression over many years through feedback and application from teachers. The ability to apply feedback and corrections from an instructor is so important in being a successful adult.

Ballet also provides an opportunity for dancers to learn the skill of being disciplined  And, as adults, we know that being disciplined can lead to success in heath, careers and academics.  Ballet instructors will encourage discipline from their students and that is a skill that we can use throughout our lives.

Want to try a ballet class or learn more about ballet?  Click here to receive more information!

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