The Importance of First Impressions

As adults, we know the importance of first impressions and part of our job as parents and educators is to help teach our children the impact of a first impression especially as it relates to competitions.

As a judge, I have walked into or walked around at competitions and have witnessed performers crying, sometimes yelling at parents and often seeing them not looking performance ready.  Is this the worst “thing” in the world? Absolutely not  – all of us need time and a place to do make-up, hair and prepare for the competition.

However, I do remember when a well respected judge and teacher required that her students were dressed in dresses, skirts and dress shoes when not in costume or team apparel.  This really left an impression on me (I remember it almost from almost 10 years ago) and makes me think what is other’s perceptions of our team? Could we make a better impression on judges, fellow competitors and competition staff if we were “dressed up” at a competition or Nationals? Certainly, our society has become more relaxed and athletic wear is definitely a trend right now but it’s something for us to think about… Afterall, I say this every year, there are teachers and judges walking around every where and you want them to have the very best impression of you because you are amazing!

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