The Surprising Thing We Love About Competitions.

Our competition season just began just 2 weeks ago and as we finished up the competition, the staff  and I took a moment to reflect on what we loved about competing.  While one might think that winning, trophies, pretty costumes were the best  things (and they are great) but all of us loved the time that we got to spend with our families while traveling or competing.  All of us remembered times with our moms, dads and even our siblings (just ask my sister how she spent her days at the competitions).  We remembered the funny things like little  sisters running down the length of the gym, moms trying to pull our hair “out” by braiding or poking bobby pins into our heads or dads giving motivational speeches.

Our families were there for us for when we won, when we fell and when things just didn’t go right all day long but the most important thing was that we spent time together and made memories that really do last a lifetime.

We hope that  you enjoy this year’s competition season and even through the ups and downs, your kids are enjoying the time that you spend with them.

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