Top 3 Reasons to Enter Modeling Events…

Competitions that follow NBTA rules will typically have modeling events.  Modeling may bring up images in your head of pageant gowns, big hair and lots of make-up and while those things exist in the baton twirling world.  The modeling event actually has great benefits for students.

#1 -The modeling interview is an excellent way for young ladies to learn how to carry on a conversation that includes complete sentences, removes common slang words (like “well” and “um), includes eye contact and voice projection.  Many former twirlers will tell you that they have earned jobs because their interview skills were superior to other candidates and interview skills.

#2 – Learning to confidently walk and make eye contact develops self confidence that becomes important as twirlers interview for jobs and colleges.

#3 – It’s a small thing but have you ever looked at a picture and noticed the ladies that stand with their feet apart? Learning to pull your feet together, stand with your shoulders back and chin up makes a great first impression to someone interviewing you as well as twirlers always look fabulous in pictures even long after they’ve left the twirling world.

If you aren’t learning modeling, give it a try! It’s well worth the time and you’ll come away with some great lifelong skills.


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