What Makes Dance-Twirl Minnesota Perfect For Kids!

Here’s the Top 5 Reasons Parents Love Our Studio!

  1. Kids are taught by instructors that care for each individual kid. We’re a small studio and we know all of our students by their name and often know what other sports they are in, take an interest in asking about their pets, school activities and anything else that kids want to talk about.
  2. Kids are expected to be kids! Even our national championship teams don’t practice more  than 3 hours a week during the school year.  We don’t expect kids to “live” at the studio with 10+ weekly hours of practice time.  We believe that kids need unstructured play time and need a balance of activities!
  3. We’re going to laugh, play games and enjoy being around other great kids! Will we win every competition? Absolutely not but we’re  going to make some great memories along the way.
  4. We love giving our kids  unique opportunities  to travel and perform.  Our kids performed on national television at the Outback Bowl and we will be the featured entertainment on a Carnival Cruise in 2019.  There’s so much learning that happens in these opportunities that it is truly priceless and something that they can remember and draw upon during their adult years.

Learn more by contacting us at info@dance-twirlmn.com or 651-705-6631!


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