Why Attire Matters in Dance and Baton

Most dance and baton classes will have a dress code and many parents begrudingly purchase the required attire to have their child wear to their dance or baton class.  Here’s why attire matters in your dance and baton class.

The number one important reason is safety! Dancers and twirlers are required to have proper footwear to keep themselves safe while in class.  We encourage dancers to have ballet, jazz or tap shoes based on whichever class they are enrolled in and twirlers typically wear jazz shoes although ballet shoes are acceptable in a recreational class.  When students wear thick-soled tennis shoes or tennis shoes at all, a rolled ankle is a real possibility as we leap and turn in class.  We never want our students to increase their chance for injury so proper footwear is a number one requirement.

The second reason is to maximize your investment.  We require that all students wear their hair back in a ponytail and competitive students should wear their hair in a ballet bun.  You are paying a premium for your classes and lessons and when students waste valuable time finding a hair tie or securing their hair then we are wasting your money and your child’s class time.  This is something that we never want to do so securing hair appropriately is absolutely necessary!

The third reason is to help your child be their very best! We want your dancer or twirler to reach their fullest potential and wearing a baggy sweatshirt, jeans or other attire outside of the dress code prevents your child from being able to move in a way that they would during a performance or competition. Appropriate attire also allows instructors to see if alignment is correct for bodywork.

Not sure what to choose for attire?  Call us and we’d be happy to make a recommedation and order the correct attire for your child!

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