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My daughter will not stop talking about how much fun she had at dance class tonight! Please give the teacher a quick thank you for making it so special 🙂

Dance Parent

…you were such a major impact on her getting to this point!!!   You were able to somehow help the shyest girl in class  gain  the confidence to press on and perform in front of others, and even compete individually!  She is really going to miss twirling and her twirl family!!   She loves it!   Thank you so much for being such a positive influence and role model for her!

Baton Parent

We had another great experience this year with you and your staff!

Baton Parent

Your dancing business has been amazing for her soul.

She was afraid when it started now she is so confident and asked me the other day….

“How long can I dance dad.” “Can it be forever”
Then she said “it seems like dance class is only 5 minutes.”

Dad of a dancer Parent

Love what you are all doing over at Dance-Twirl MN, really impressed by the skills being taught, quality – yet not over the top competitive atmosphere, and friendliness of everyone there.

Thanks again. 

Mom of 5 Year Old BallerinaParent

We are so grateful to Jacinda Miller and Dance-Twirl Minnesota. Our daughter is in her 3 year of twirling, and has absolutely loved it since she started! Jacinda has instilled confidence and assurance in our daughter and things that we could not have taught her . She gives a personal touch to each student, pushes them (in a good way) to further goals and respectfully responds to each parent with our questions. We could not have asked for a better life experience for our daughter. We will be eternally grateful that our paths crossed with Jacinda and that our daughter is in this amazing sport of twirling!

Kim O.Baton & Dance parent

Any student of Jacinda’s is a very blessed child indeed. Her caring, loving attitude is beyond measure. Her love of the students and baton twirling is always obvious. Her professionalism and ethics cannot be beat.

Jan Stivers Wilkinson, NBTA Hall of Fame, baton coach and judge

Being apart of Dance-Twirl Minnesota from the start has been one of the best experiences of my life. The fellow teachers, students and their families have really come to be my second family. From the moment you walk in the doors, you can feel like welcoming environment and upbeat personalities that fill the space. I enjoy nothing more than teaching the eager children and watching their passion for baton or dance grow right in front of me! I hope to be apart of DTMN for many years to come!

Nicole Nelson, former student and teacher

Dear Miss Molly,

I’m one of your dance parents.
I really appreciate your great teaching and helping for our daughter. She is really enjoying your class and she practices a couple positions everyday.She is thinks she is a real ballerina.

JJ, Baton & Dance parent

I love coming to the studio every week and twirling baton and seeing all of my friends

Delaney C, student

Twirling and Dancing at Dance Twirl Minnesota is so much fun! All the teachers are so caring and passionate in what they are teaching! I love coming each week to baton to see my friends! I have learned so much in 5 years at DTMN and I look forward to the years to come!

Emma M, student

Over the years I have learned many life skills from my amazing coaches and made many friends along the way. Thank you Jacinda, for the 6 rewarding years!

Ally, student

Jacinda knows how to throw a great little girls party! As a single mom I appreciate the help to make a great fun experience. All I had to do was bring a cake and take pictures. Thank you!!

anonymous, parent

Thank you for your dedication to my girls and all of the girls, they will move mountains! You are a tremendous role model for them!

anonymous, parent

I also wanted to thank you for all the time you have given my daughter and the opportunity to work with the team. I feel she has learned a lot about being a part of something bigger than herself and how to coordinate and work as part of a team. Also the rewards of working hard and seeing improvement in her abilities as a result of hard work and practice. The teams did a fantastic job and it was amazing to see everything come together at Nationals. I think these lessons in perseverance and performing under pressure and supporting her team will help her throughout her life.

anonymous, parent

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