Pointing Through Your Feet

In every dance class you will hear every teacher say “point your toes!”. However, is this really an accurate correction? I personally don’t think so….Feet are only one part of why feet look pointed. Granted they are a very important part, but let’s think about our bodies for a second. The feet are not the beginning, they are the end of the long line that each student is working to achieve. First we must start at the hip, there needs to be flexibility in the hip joint to allow the leg to come off of the ground. Next we need a little bit of flexibility in our muscles of the thigh and calf to have a straight knee. Then we get to the most important part, the ankle. If we don’t stretch the line through the ankle first then pointing the toes won’t be as useful as we think. Once we have accomplished the straight line though all of the joints, then the cherry on the top of the sunday is the curled toes and the end of the foot. It really isn’t about the feet at all…in fact it is about the ankle being straight and the toes being curled. So really, the correction should be point your ankles!

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