Quick Information On Competition Teams

We are excited to have your child join our competition teams. Each of our competition teams focus on helping each child learn and reach their potential while teaching skills that will help them in their life. We focus on learning and becoming a great teammate, developing a strong work ethic, persistence, setting goals and working to achieve them.

We have 3 teams for you to choose from and please reach out to us at info@dance-twirlmn.com with any questions.

Company Dance

Our Company Dance is our competition dancers taught by Jennie Becker. Jennie is a professional dancer with a degree in dance and an excellent technician.

Company dancers perform in 2 recitals.

Company competes in one dance competition per year (typically in April or May) and one baton twirling competition in March. (Entry fees are approximately $60 total for both competitions).

Company participates in a collaborative workshop with local studios. Entry fee is approximately $50.

Company dancers learn ballet, tap and jazz in their dance class.

Company dancers have the option of joining a solo class and competing individually as well as with their team.

Performance Team

Performance Team members compete in 3 local competitions and 2 recitals. Approximate entry fee for both competitions is $30.

Performance Team members typically do 2 routines with one costume.

Performance Team members have the option of joining a solo class and competing individually as well as with their team.

National Team

National team is our premium competition team for both our dancers and twirlers. National team members begin in August working towards competing at Notre Dame University against the best teams in the world in July.

National team members will join a National Team Ballet class and National Team baton class. During the ballet class, team members will learn their Pom and Danceline routine as well as focus on improving technique. National Team baton class will focus on twirling routines.

Nationals offers a premier level competition annually called “Corp.” Twirlers will be selected for our corp routines based on their work ethic, positive attitude and willingness to improve. Corp team members will be invited to Corp following kick-off camp.

National Team members should participate in our competition solo classes or private lessons to continue to improve individual tricks and skills.

National Team will compete in 4 local competitions and travel to South Bend, In in July to compete at Nationals.

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