Quick Tips for New Families!

Welcome to our Winter/Spring classes! We are excited to welcome you and your child to our community! Here’s a few tips to getting started in classes:

  1. Wear comfortable clothes that allow your child to move. Leotards, leggings and even t-shirts are acceptable. Please no bare midriffs.
  2. Pull long hair back into a ponytail or bun! This helps them to be able to work on their tricks and keeps kids safe!
  3. Talk with your teacher the first day of class to see what type of shoes are needed! Based on the class, you may need ballet, jazz or tap shoes. Your teacher can provide that information for you on the first day of class and size your child for the correct size of shoe as well.

We look forward to seeing your child in class and hope that they will love their class as much as we love teaching!

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