Using Video To Improve Your Performance

If your kid is like many kids, they are perpetually in front of (or want to be in front of a device) so channel that want to good use. Encourage your child to use their device to video themselves performing their routine. There’s value in recording and watching yourself including be able to see footwork, free hands and improvements. Here’s 3 ways to use video to improve your performance.

Encourage your child to video themselves doing their routine and focus the device/camera on their feet. Look for turn out on the leg line/footwork, feet pulled together and twirling on toes (versus flat-footed).

In a second round, encourage your child to focus the camera on their hands and upper body. Is their free hand in various positions to add interest and variety? Are the shoulders straight across and pulled back over the hips?

In a third round, focus on facial expression. Is there a smile and excitement? Or, is there a nervous face during a hard trick?

Whatever part of your routine needs focus, record that and then watch that video to analyze what needs improvement. Repeat this process again to make continuous improvement!

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