Why We Love Baton Twirling!

If you know a twirler, they are passionate about baton like almost no other “thing” in their life! We narrowed our favorite things about the sport to just 4 reasons why we love baton!

#1 – Opportunity! The opportunities that exist in the sport are like no other! The opportunity to travel and compete literally all over the world exists for almost everyone willing to try at the sport! Personally, I’ve twirled in two college football games, at hundreds of sporting events, the World Gymnastics Championships, for the Governor, on a cruise ship, at Disney World and on TV enough to fill a VHS tape (yep, I’m old). 🙂

#2 – Connections! The twirling world is small and the connections are lifelong! Twirling friends that I met as a child are still close friends and when traveling, I can go almost anywhere and have lunch with a twirling friend!

#3 – Giving Back! Twirling allows for you to give back to your sport throughout your life by teaching the next generation, judging competitions or directing competitions.  Helping the next generation of twirlers is an amazing feeling and keeps our sport continuing on…

#4 Life Skills! Every success I have had personally and professionally, I owe to the skills that I learned in baton twirling.  Modeling taught me how to interview effectively which has helped me in earning many professional positions.  Learning to overcome obstacles, keeping a positive attitude, persistence, work ethic are all skills that are learned through competition and can help you in succeed in academics and your career. The skills that come from baton twirling are endless and make a positive impact on adulthood.

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