X-Strut: The Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Important…

NBTA competitions and many other organizations have similar strutting events for students to participate in and here are a few reasons why X-Strut is important to students.

  1. NBTA’s X-Strut has several rules (like marching on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th leg or following the X pattern) that create an excellent mental challenge for students to learn.  The routine is more complex than their 1 baton solo routines and that is an important accomplishment for twirlers to achieve.
  2. The routine should be performed to the beat of the music. Learning how to hear the beat and perform to the beat of the music is a challenging and difficult skill for many students and X-Strut will create the opportunity for them to learn this skill.
  3. X-Strut encourages students to complete bodywork and baton twirling combinations that are visually interesting.  X-Strut helps students to develop an understanding of the importance of both the baton and the bodywork.

If your child has not tried this event, encourage them to do so.  There are great skills to be gained and students that are also taking dance or gymnastics can use this opportunity to show off some of their tricks and combinations.

Keep practicing and learning! 🙂

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