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Recital. Common Questions Answered.

Every recital season, we get some really good questions about recital and why we do things a certain way. The number one question we get especially from families coming from another studio is why do we have our recital in a gymnasium?

Great question! Most studios are primarily dance and acro but our program consists of 60% baton twirling and 40% dance. Many years ago, we did have our recital in an auditorium and what we noticed is that our National Team students were having to change their routines significantly in order to perform on a stage. They practice in a gymnasium and then have to move their formations to a stage. They practice with high ceilings and then have to move to lower ceilings. Then, our twirlers have to deal with the challenges of stage lights.

So, our national team which is our premier team were not able to show the best versions of their routines and we spent a lot of time in adjusting routines for recital. I really believe that every performance is an opportunity to learn and improve something and for this group of students, we were directing our attention at adjusting versus improving and working towards Nationals.

As our twirling program grew, we knew we needed to adapt and decided to move our recital to a gymnasium so that all of our students have the opportunity to shine!

Second most popular question, why do we charge for recital tickets?

We do charge for recital tickets and the reason why we have to charge is that we pay a rental fee for the facility, additional insurance, recital program creation and printing, backdrops, chair rental. The costs, of course, add up and we use the recital ticket fees to pay for those expenses. We do promise that we'll do our very best to offer your child and your family an outstanding, positive experience and a show that will make you smile.

Third most popular question, how do you decide on the order? And, can my child's group go first?

Deciding on the show order is a bit like putting a puzzle together. The number one thing that dictates the show order is the costume changes. We try to have at least 2 routines in between routines so that performers can catch their breath before performing again and have time to change their costume. In addition, we do try to have our youngest performers go near the beginning. Sometimes we can accommodate the schedule request but sometimes it is too difficult to switch routines around.

What do you do to prep for recital?

We actually start prepping for any recital about 3 months prior to the show. A few things that we do:

Reserve and pay for facility

Create theme for recital

Update insurance

Order backdrops for the show

Order recital gifts for performers

Create recital order (insert banging head on wall during this meeting) ;)

Create music playlist

Talk with seniors about the "things" we do with them

Create recital program

Create online ticket ordering form

Create recital t-shirt design

Buy any other decorations such as flowers, table cloths

Rent chairs and any other supplies.

Make sure students have costumes, tights and shoes

Communicate with parents in newsletter, emails and in person to ensure they know what's happening.

There's probably a million other things that we just take care of but this is the list of things we've done so far!

What other questions do you have about recital? We love to explain the "behind the scenes."

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