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Costume Options for New Twirlers

If you are just beginning your individual twirling career, you may be overwhelmed about choosing a costume for your events. When your twirler first starts, you may be wanting to buy the very best costume or you may be looking for budget friendly options.

Most of my new competitive twirlers like to begin with budget friendly options as they get started. We also start our competitive twirlers with solo and basic march as their first events.

The number one option that twirlers use when they start competing is their team or class costume. Most of the costumes work perfectly fine for new competitive twirlers. If the costume has a really long or "poofy" skirt then it might not work. Ask your instructor and they can help you decide if your team or class costume will work for your individual routines.

The second option is to find a costume on one of the many Facebook groups dedicated to selling twirling costumes. Here's a few that our popular among our twirlers:

As always, be cautious when interacting in a Facebook group with sellers. Baton twirlers and their families tend to be very honest but always use your best judgement.

Costumes in these groups can range from very affordable to very expensive. Find what you are comfortable and ask your instructor for their input.

The third option is to find a leotard from a dance supplier. Locally, Step-N-Stretch has some options or ordering online from a dance supplier is another option. Here's a great example of a cute leotard that would be a great for a new competitor:

The fourth option is to check websites like Ebay and search for ice skating or twirling costumes. I would avoid costumes with long sleeves to ensure that the rolls in your solo costume can be done without any interruptions. If your instructor started your twirler with an x-strut then sleeves would be fine.

The most important thing in choosing a costume is not the amount of money that you spend but is the color flattering to your child? Is the style and fit flattering to your child? Always choose the best color and styles for your child and you can't go wrong!

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