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4 Tips for a Productive Private Lesson

Private lessons are an excellent way to quickly improve your skills in any sport. The 1-1 time with your coach allows for specific feedback that leads to mastery quicker than trial and error. Private lessons tend to be more expensive than a group lesson and here are a few tips for improving the effectiveness of your private lesson.

  1. Know your routine. If you are working with your coach on a regular basis and learning new routines, come to your lesson with your routine memorized. Watching videos and re-learning wastes valuable lesson time.

  2. Come with Questions. Notice in the above tip, we didn't recommend coming with your routine perfect - just memorized. Come to your lesson and ask questions about the tricks that you are learning or how something doesn't feel "just right." Your coach will have tips and feedback to either improve that trick or can adjust your routine if something isn't working.

  3. Come Prepared. Wear appropriate practice clothing, have your hair fixed so that it isn't a distraction, bring a water bottle. Time spent running to the water fountain, fixing your hair and clothes wastes your valuable time.

  4. Bring Your Phone/Notebook. Most students record their new tricks, combinations or routines so bring your phone or if you write down your routines then bring your notebook and a pen.

Coaches are here to help you be successful and want to make the most of your time together so be sure to do your part and you'll be pleased with your results!

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