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9 Questions To Ask Your New Coach

Choosing a new sport or coach can leave parents with questions about coaching philosophy to payment to communication. Here's 10 questions to ask your new coach.

  1. Share with me your philosophy on coaching. This is your coach's elevator speech. Do their values align with yours? Does the philosophy change based on the athlete and/or their level?

  2. How do you set goals with your students or athletes? Are the goals given to the athlete or is it a collaborative process?

  3. When the athlete fails or doesn't do something that you like, how do you handle those situations?

  4. How do you communicate with parents? Email? App? Parent-Coach Meetings? Will this style meet your needs? If it doesn't then share that with the coach. Some coaches will be able to meet your needs and some will not. Are you able to adapt to this?

  5. How are you billed? What happens if you pay late? Are there other fees or supplies that you need to be aware of?

  6. What are the opportunities for growth?

  7. Will there be performances? Competitions? Traveling trips?

  8. When does the year or season start and end?

  9. Is there a penalty for leaving the season/year/session early?

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