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Combination Classes - Why We Love Them!

If you have a child that is just starting their performing arts career then a combination class is a great option for them. Combination classes teach different styles in one class. This has some great benefits for your little star.

The first benefit that we love in a combination class is that new students can try multiple different styles such as ballet, jazz and baton twirling. With time or money being a concern in many families, many parents avoid signing up for multiple classes when their child is just beginning and we totally understand that dilemma. Combination classes allow new students to explore, try and maybe find a passion or talent that they didn't know they had.

We've all heard that the best athletes, performers are well-rounded in their sports. They may do multiple sports that are very different like dance and volleyball or they may choose to do similar sports such as dance and gymnastics... A combination class provides a well-rounded experience to both new and continuing performers. The more students learn in any style or discipline the more they will improve.

Children, especially young children, have short attention spans and that's perfectly normal so a combination class keeps the pace of class moving quickly and keeps kids interested and engaged. Teachers transition from each of the styles every 10 minutes or so. In our combination classes, we begin with stretching, review from our previous class, focus on our ballet, transition to baton twirling, do across the floor activities and move into jazz then add in a quick review and cool down and class is over. All of that in just 45 minutes!

Want to a try class with us? Contact us at and we'll be happy to share available times and classes.

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