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Goal Setting With Kids

The New Year is a great time to bring focus or re-focus your goals but kids' goals as well. Goal setting sessions can be a great tool for finding out what we want and how we're going to get there. Here are practical tips for goal setting with your kids.

  1. Remove distractions like TVs, phones, ipads, friends. Have some snacks and drinks so that kids can relax and enjoy the process.

  2. Ask your kids to write down all of their goals for 3 minutes. Goals can be related to baton twirling but can also related to school, family or other sports. This is a brain storming session. Write down anything and everything that comes to mind that you (or your child) might want to accomplish in 2023.

  3. Once the 3 minutes are over. Review what you wrote and remove any that you don't really want to pursue. Now categorize your goals into when you can accomplish them, some can probably be accomplished within 12 weeks while some may take the entire year.

  4. Now, create a break down for each goal that your child wants to accomplish. What small steps do they need to do in order to reach that bigger goal? Who do they need help from? What other resources do they need? Check out the image below on how to break down a goal or check out this worksheet from our sister company, Baton Twirling Unlimited.

  5. Schedule a check-in for the progress you are making on your goals. If you needed to set a mini goal of practicing every week then put an alarm or reminder on your calendar for those mini goals. Celebrate when you accomplish your mini goals! Success breeds success!

  6. Repeat this process any time you need to in order to refocus or realign your goals.

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