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"It Takes Time to Achieve Something"

This quote really hit home today... I was working this afternoon and began to think about how I've been teaching in Minnesota for 20 years - that's a long time! And, when I was young (really young, like a teenager), I would watch Sherry Vignoli and Julie Seckar Anderson coach their teams to National Championships with amazing - literally mind-blowing performances (I included one below) and I decided back then that I wanted to create that same type of program so I started... I started teaching when I lived in Arizona and while life brought me to Minnesota, I never gave up on that dream.

So, in 2002, I started teaching in Minnesota and soon after, we created our first National Team and becoming a legendary coach to national championship teams is tough - especially in a state where baton twirling is not well known but we persevered with our first National Championshiop title in 2010 and won another in 2013 and a pair of titles in 2018. And, I'll tell you that besides getting married and having kids each of those moments are literally some of the best moments of my life.

I saw kids give everything they had to achieve their goal. They worked through broken nails, bruises, skin breaking open from practicing for so many hours, heart break when something doesn't go as planned but they persevered. Their goal was achieved and they wanted more and they continued to work. They continued to work through two years of Covid, two years of their "Olympics" being canceled, two years of ups and downs and yet we continue to prepare. It's in our bones, we want to achieve what we couldn't for the last two years.

So, through the ups and downs, our mission stays the same. Our team will work hard, we continue to work towards our goal of winning at Nationals, we continue to work to build a legacy of baton twirling in Minnesota. Our path may have taken a detour but we will persevere because "it takes awhile to achieve something." Interested in joining us in achieving something great? Contact us at

The World Champion Modernettes -

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