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National Team

Students are receiving their invitations to join National Team this week and we would like to Congratulate all of our students that received an invitation! We invite students that enjoy class, are willing to try new things and have great attendance.

So, what do you need to know about National Team? Here's a few details:

National Team competes in 2 traveling competitions (one in Omaha and one in Milwaukee), 2 local competitions and Nationals held in July at Notre Dame University.

National Team practices for 60-75 minutes weekly. We have one practice per month on Sundays to work on acro or dance technique.

National Team practices more in the Summer. Summer schedule is typically one night per week and Friday mornings.

We fundraise throughout the year to help parents cover costs.

We have a blast! We spend more time together and we have a lot of fun in class, at our competitions and when we travel. Ask any National Team member and what they love about National Team is the friends that they make!

Have questions? Want to learn more? Reach out to us at

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