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Picking a Color for Your Individual Costume

If you compete individually, have you ever received the comment, "good color for you?" Did you ever wonder why a judge would write that? A judge writes that when the costume color is complimentary to the twirlers skin color, hair color and eye color. Essentially, you are choosing a color that brings out all of the very best features in your twirler or dancer. So, how do you discover the best colors for your child?

It's actually a really simple process. Take color swatches or even clothes that you already own and put that color swatch/clothes across the chest just under the collar bone. If you are the parent, take a few steps back and take a picture. Try different lighting - bright lighting & dimmer lighting. Most gyms where a twirler will compete will have very bright lights so probably best to simulate the bright lights when it comes to twirlers.

After you have done this process with different colors, you will probably see that some colors bring out the color of the eyes or accentuate highlights in their hair. Do warm colors look great? Are cooler colors better? As a parent, we can think our kids look amazing in everything so have your coach, friend or family member give you their opinion on what they think looks great.

Once you find your colors then choose accent colors or "bling" that bring that extra sparkle and shine to your costume.

Have fun with the process and enjoy these special times with your child!

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