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Pre-National Team - What To Know

If you are a family that has been with us for a while, you are probably familiar with our two competitive teams - Performance Team & National Team. Performance Team was created many years ago with a focus on community performances throughout the school year. Due to the pandemic and many community events being canceled along with the busy nature of our families, we have seen the number of community performances dwindle. Our performance team has become a team that continues to work on new skills along with competing in 1-2 local competitions. We have also seen our performance team become a stepping stone to our National Team. To more accurately reflect what the goal of our team is, we have chosen to re-name our Performance Team to Pre-National Team beginning in Fall 2022.

Our Pre-National Team will be for those performers that would like to compete and are not quite ready for National Team. Pre-National Team will meet weekly for 45 - 60 minutes (our Fall schedule is not completed yet) and will compete in one local competition (typically in January). The time commitment and cost are very similar to a recreational class. Pre-National Team is also an excellent option for those students that are interested in National Team but would like to "dip their toes in the pool" so to speak.

Invitations for our Pre-National Team will be given out the week of April 18th with try-outs for the 2022 - 2023 season on May 31st at 5:30 pm. Interested in competition teams? Contact us at for information.

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