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Solo - Why We Start Here

When twirlers decide to begin individual competition, they have many options for events at the competition. Competitions will offer modeling, strutting, solo, 2-baton, show twirl and duet. We'll provide an overview of each of these in upcoming blog posts. Most often, we will encourage the twirler to begin with solo (which is a one-baton routine) and here is why we encourage students to start with solo.

The solo routine will combine tricks that the twirler already knows while they learn new twirls too. Using twirls that they already know allows them to build confidence while they are challenged with new tricks and combinations of twirls. If your twirler is beginning competition, you will see huge improvements in their skills as we personally work with each student.

The solo event at competitions will have multiple levels starting with Novice, Beginner, Intermediate and progressing to the Advanced level. The Novice level is for twirlers that are just beginning their competitive journey. Twirlers need to win 5 first places in order to move onto the Beginner level. Five wins can be accomplished quickly or slowly depending on how much the twirler practices along with how many competitions they attend. Solo events are also divided by age groups.

The solo routine is an event that has some rules and requirements (we'll teach your twirler those requirements) but the solo rules are easier for new twirlers to learn, remember and master.

If your twirler is interested in beginning their competitive journey, contact us to learn more about our recommendation for your twirler, solo classes, private lessons, costumes.

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