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What Class To Take After Your Beginner Class?

This is the time of year when parents are wondering about Summer and Fall classes and what class to take! Students can take a recreational or competition "track." If you are interested in recreational classes then read on... We'll have more info on our competition "track" in our next blog post.

After your student completes their beginning baton then we typically recommend an Intermediate Class. Intermediate Classes continue to focus on learning new dance and baton skills while also having the student typically learn 2 routines for recital. Intermediate students will need to purchase one costume for the year and will participate in both the December recital and May recital.

The one exception is when students are very young (around 3 year old) and moving to an Intermediate class would be too challenging for them to handle. We might recommend that they join a beginner class and move up in age level so that they continue to be challenged with new and exciting learning.

For students wanting additional learning, we do have students join our Competition Solo class. In competition solo class, the teacher works with students individually to teach them new tricks and skills along with routines that are performed individually at any competition of their choosing. Joining a competition solo class can be a way of trying competitions without too much investment of time and money. Talk with Jacinda to discuss whether this is a good option for your child!

Want to discuss next steps for your child? Reach out anytime! We are here to help and to make this an easy process for you!

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